Polish & Refurbish Industrial Tooling

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Polish & Refurbish Industrial Tooling

An industrial customer came to us with this tool refurbishment project. The refurbishment required that the tool holders have the top and sides polished to a #8 mirror bright finish, achieving this would require the use of a multi-stage buffing process.
These stainless steel tool holders exhibited a great deal of surface distress, rectifying this would require an aggressive buffing approach for the first step. The initial buffing phase began with the use of a sisal compound; the finish phase required the use of a much finer color buffing.
Several challenges were posed by this project; this was a very intricate part, which required only the top and sides to be polished. Un-polished areas had to be protected during the buffing process, and since this is a machine tool a level of precision had to be maintained, each piece was subject to profilemeter and visual inspections. Because we were able to meet this customer exact requirements, we now process 30 to 50 of these items, with 3 day lead times. To learn more about this project, see the table below or contact us directly.

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Highlights of this Polish & Refurbish Industrial Tooling Project

Product Description Polish tool holders top and sides to #8 finishes while protecting inner diameters.
Multi-Stage Buffing Capabilities Applied/Processes Primary:
2 Part Buffing
Equipment / Materials Used to Manufacture Part Various Buffs
Compounds - Sisal & Color
Overall Part Dimensions Height: 5" to 12"
I.D.: ø 2" to 4"
Material Used Stainless Steel
Material Finish #8 Mirror Bright
In process testing/inspection performed Profilometer & Visual Inspection
Industry for Use Industrial Industry
Volume 30 to 50
Delivery/Turnaround Time 3 days
Delivery Location Greensboro, North Carolina
Standards Met RA Value less than 10
Product Name Tool Holders

Additional Metal Surface Finishing for the Industrial Tooling Industry Photos

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Metal Surface Finishing for the Industrial Tooling
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Metal Surface Finishing for the Industrial Tooling
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Metal Surface Finishing for the Industrial Tooling


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